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Chaconne in G minor ‒ composta da Vitali?
circaNow produced the DVD, Chaconne in G minor ‒ composta da Vitali? The six minute film had its broadcast debut on BRAVO! TV in 2005 and has since been carried on ClassicFM TV in Europe. The Chaconne in G minor is part of the groundwork on which violin literature is built, for this work is almost as old as the violin itself. Who composed the Chaconne is a mystery. Its creator is widely, though likely mistakenly, thought to be Tomaso Antonio Vitali (c1663-1745). This classical music video on DVD celebrates the artistic beauty of the Chaconne while introducing the mystery that surrounds it to a new, and wider audience.   View Website

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Patricia Shih's Website
In order to support virtuoso violinist Patricia Shih’s return to the stage as a soloist, in 2006 circaNow designed and produced her official web site.