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Behind the Moves: NHL Gms Tell how winners are built

Hailed as “the most important hockey book in over a decade” when it was first published, Behind the Moves is based on in-person interviews with every living NHL GM who has taken a team to the Stanley Cup final. Collectively these GMs represent over 500 seasons of GM experience.




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"One of the best things about working at HNIC is the access it allows. However, Farris, who has more of a business background than a sports-writing one, got these guys to reveal quite a bit about their philosophies and thought processes. That includes guys who tend to be quite secretive, like Lou Lamoriello and Pierre Lacroix. The group was also very honest about each other." - Elliotte Friedman  More



“Nothing like this book has been done before. An invaluable addition to hockey history and hockey lore.”
– Frank Selke Jr., former NHL general manager and son of
legendary Montreal Canadiens GM, Frank Selke More



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The book is not sold in any stores or on Amazon. It can only be purchased at More