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It Takes 23 to Win

“With the release of It Takes 23 to Win, the question is ‘Why has no one thought to do this book before?’ It’s the same question people asked when Farris broke the hockey publishing mold with Hockey Play-by-Play and then again with Behind the Moves.” – Brian Burke, Stanley Cup-winning GM

“If you are assembling your own hockey team, or coaching, skating with or even just cheering for a hockey team, then It Takes 23 to Win is not only mandatory reading, it’s the most fun you’ll have without lacing ’em up.” – Mark Recchi, three-time Stanley Cup champion and Hockey Hall of Famer

“Jason Farris has done it again, providing a fresh and surprising perspective on the game of hockey and the forces that shape it.” – Dan Diamond, publisher, NHL Official Guide and Record Book, 1985-2018

It Takes 23 to Win beautifully illustrates what makes a great hockey team through insight from NHL alumni across different eras. This is a must-read for all hockey fans interested in learning what players – from Hall of Famers to the supporting cast – really think makes teams win and teammates valuable, on and off the ice.” – Glenn Healy, 1994 Stanley Cup champion / Executive Director of the NHL Alumni Association

Customer Feedback

“A rare gem of a book that will satisfy the hockey nerd in all of us!  Stats, stories, insights, and a great concept.  A must read for any real hockey fan!" – C.W., Minneapolis, MN

“I would imagine this book will spark many debates over a cold beer or two down at the local pub about what it really takes to build a great hockey team!” – S.W., Kelowna, BC

“As a hockey fan, this book is simply a pure joy to read and own.  As a business owner, the insights on how great leaders think about teams and team-building makes for a fascinating read.” – J.W, Detroit, MI

Behind the Moves

"Behind the Moves is a new masterpiece from author/publisher Jason Farris…. As with all of his books, the layout and presentation are top notch and rich with imagery and sidebar content…. All in all, this is an amazing book. The presentation quality is high and the content is even better…. Every page offers a surprise... Behind the Moves is the most impressive undertaking in hockey literature I have ever seen." 

Joe Pelletier,

"Behind the Moves is a gorgeous hard cover book [that] was put together with an incredible attention to detail…. The book would serve as a beautiful conversation piece on any coffee table and almost seems too precious to touch. Every time I flip through the pages of the book, I wash my hands and handle it with the care of a new born baby… The book is beautiful and put together with class.”

Steven Bennett, The Sports-Casters podcast

Farris does an incredible job of organizing the book so that you feel you are sitting one-on-one with each mastermind, picking their brain as he did.… I can guarantee that there will never be another book like it.”

Alan Bass,

“An absolute must read. Frankly, I was floored by the depth and sheer volume of information packed into this brilliant, one-of-a-kind work…. Hats off to Mr. Farris for creating a masterpiece. I give Behind the Moves an enthusiastic two-thumbs up.”

Rick Buker,

“This is one of the most important hockey books to date!... I was enamored with the quotes Farris was able to obtain. He was evidently able to eloquently interview, discuss and converse with the GMs and hockey personnel.”

Christopher Ralph,

Behind the Moves amounts to a beautifully displayed collection of choice quotations from some of hockey’s most interesting minds… offering rare insight.”

Dave Feschuk, The Toronto Star

“Nothing like Behind the Moves has been done before. An invaluable addition to hockey history and hockey lore.”

Frank Selke Jr., former NHL general manager and son of legendary Montreal Canadiens GM, Frank Selke

Customer Feedback

Behind the Moves truly is an incredible piece of work!”

Rick J., Pittsburgh, PA

Behind the Moves is so ultimately fascinating, so eye-opening, so in-depth, and so unlike any book I’ve ever seen… I couldn’t turn away from this book.”

Dennis K., Victoria, B.C.

“I’m glad my husband went to work early and missed Behind the Moves on TV last week. Now that I have it, I know it will be his best Christmas present.”

Kathryn W., Fergus, Ontario

“The most incredible source of insider info ever put together…. It’s awesome.”

Seventieslord, HFBoards post

“I enjoyed Behind the Moves very much, time and again! Masterful job, I will enjoy it for many years to come.”

Gerry N., Calgary, Alberta

Hockey Play-by-Play

“Around the NHL with Jim Robson is nothing short of amazing. Even if you do not read any of the text, just by flipping through all of the coffee-table lay out pages full of Robson’s own memorabilia and personal hand-written game notes you are able to relive all the action all over again. It is more than a fascinating publication – it is almost a museum!”

Joe Pelletier,

“Around the NHL with Jim Robson is essential reading for any hockey fan.”

Andrew McCredie, The North Shore News

“Canuck Captains is wonderfully presented [and] the beautiful layout will come as no surprise to those who are familiar with Jason Farris' previous titles… the glossy book is well priced at $14.99, with $4 going to charity.”

Joe Pelletier,

Customer feedback

“Just finished reading Canuck Captains – amazing work… again ;-)”

JL in London, Ontario

“What a well put together book on hockey notes from past captains! It’s so creative and has more of an authentic scrapbook feel than any other biography type publication I've seen.”

SL in Vancouver, B.C.

Hail Cesare!

“The real highlight of the book is in its presentation. Unique visuals, including old stat sheets, photos, and comparisons between Maniago and his contemporaries are mixed in throughout interviews, analysis, and quotes from Maniago. As Farris states in his preface, he didn’t want to ‘write [a hockey book] that regurgitated known facts and anecdotes… information that can be found elsewhere. Mission accomplished.”

Jeff Angus,

Customer feedback

"Hail Cesare! is quite simply one great read and very nicely illustrated. The author Jason Farris took a completely new approach in discussing a player’s history. The career stats graphs, the scrapbook pics, the analysis of Cesare Maniago's career is done in a unique and 'winning' way. A very worthwhile read!”

Goalie21, on-line

“Farris has done it again by bringing the golden era of hockey - 1960s and 70s - alive. Not only has he collected rare memorabilia and wonderful action photographs, but Hail Cesare! sets a new standard for hockey statistics and the visual presentation of statistical analysis.”
M.R.S. McCraken, Vancouver, B.C.